ESS Department

ESS Department
ESS Department

The Department of Exercise & Sport Studies offerrs a comprehensive program of half-unit activities classes as well as select lower and upper division lecture courses.

Please check the schedule of classes and UCSB catalog for further information or contact the ESS office at (805) 893-2181.

The department offers a certificate program with emphasis in Group Fitness, Health & Wellness, Personal Training and Sport Management. See links at left for more information on the program.

Class information for many of our upper division courses can be found on Gauchospace. This is a resource for currently enrolled students to access course information.

If you are not a UCSB student or a student looking for non-academic offerings, please check-out our Leisure Review classes.

Current UCSB students may register for Exercise & Sport Studies classes through GOLD.

See the UCSB General Catalog for more information.

See the UCSB Schedule of Classes for current class offerings.

Exercise & Sport Studies Courses

Activity Classes & Lecture Courses

Basic instruction (“1-” Exercise & Sport Studies courses) is offered at the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. Courses range in scope from a fitness related emphasis–aerobics, jogging, swimming and weight training–to individual and team sports such as basketball, golf, tennis and volleyball. Courses in the “1-” series with the “Intercollegiate” designation in the title may be repeated up to 12 times for a total of 6 units. No more than 6 units of “1-” courses may be counted toward degree requirements.

A physical examination performed by a private physician is recommended for any student intending to enroll in Exercise & Sport Studies courses.

Fines are imposed by the department for failure to return equipment or clothing on or before the date posted for such return at the end of each quarter, and for failure to close out lockers at the end of each quarter.